• 11:36
    Abigail lore 15 3 5 358 4.8/5
    Olivia jona 15 14 11 446 4.9/5
    Olivia jona 15 8 9 495 5/5
    Alexander watson 14 7 7 564 5/5
  • 04:10
    John Paulson 14 9 7 1074 4.8/5
    • John Paulson
      Olivia jona The judges knows what they were doing to have given her a golden buzzer. The judges are smart.for a 71 yes old woman to do that,its do inspiring entertaining and it show a whole lot of hard work ,commitment, and a strong determination.
    • John Paulson
      Abigail lore She is so beautiful omg. I never ever would have thought 71. My guess wouldn't even come close to that. They both were incredible.
    • John Paulson
      Alexander watson Guys she deserve it!! Think that when you’re at 71, Can you do a split like her? Or get lifts like her? For me at 71 but can do the amazing show like this, it’s very deserve to get GOLDEN BUZZER.
    • John Paulson
      Allison ratro Awesome!
    • John Paulson
      Capital Trust Group Awesome VDO
  • 01:17
    Denise Bouvet 8 3 4 322 4.7/5
  • 01:54
    Lilly lorel 8 1 4 397 5/5
  • 01:11
    Alexander watson 7 1 3 234 5/5
  • 43:15
    Lilly lorel 7 2 3 259 5/5
    Elizabeth watty 7 1 3 352 5/5
    Elizabeth watty 7 4 3 358 5/5
  • 01:24
    John Paulson 6 3 4 585 4.7/5
    • John Paulson
      Song Hye Kyo Awesome
    • John Paulson
      Alexander watson Superp
    • John Paulson
      Jacky pando 6.34
      UI and performance were improved

      New visualization modes have been added to Market Depth
      Localization was improved
      UI and performance were improved

      Drag and Drop in MAT is more convenient now
      Yield To Maturity has been added to Quote Monitor
      Now you can search for bonds according to set parameters (Yield To Maturity, Coupon Rate, etc) in a new module called Bond Screener
      Main toolbar is automatically resized on small displays
      Symbol Tree has redesigned icons
      New tips have been added

      A new tip about showing average position on chart has been added
      A warning message appears when a technical maintenance is being performed
      Now you can close Settings via pressing the ESC button
      Ability to add more instruments to Chart is now available via a special button in the Chart toolbar
      Performance and stability improved

      Current Orders saves the checkable filters between sessions
      A new tip about Volume-by-Price indicator has been added
      Localization and UI have been improved

      There are some new columns (CCY, Days to Expiration, Coupon Rate, Issuer Type, Country and Rating) in Quote Monitor

      The tabs have new menu items now: 'Close all', 'Close others' and 'Close to the right'
      The Price Alert creation dialogue has been reworked
      Performance and stability improved

      Instrument Info contains Effective Overnight option now
      We have translated some phrases into all supported languages
      MAT is now available in reworked Allocation mode

      MAT is now available in Allocation mode
      The Price Alerts module has been implemented
      Some new columns (Position, Long and Short) have been added to Option Board

      Average position can be displayed on Quote Chart by toggling the option in chart Settings
      Short Leverage Rate and Concentration Leverage have been added to Instrument Info
      Order buttons are now blocked for a short period of time after they had been clicked to prevent unexpected orders
      Performance and stability improved

      The instrument ticker and timeframe are now added to exported chart images
      The file names of saved chart images are now generated automatically
      Some Tips were renewed
      Performance and stability improved

      The charts can now be exported as image files
      The links to the manuals have been updated in the Help window
      The column selector has been improved in Account Summary
      Performance and stability have been improved

      Strike and expiration of an instrument can now be changed through Quote Monitor and Basket Trader
      Clean Price and Accurate Interest columns have been added to Account Summary for bonds
      The link for copying Order ID to the clipboard is now accesible from Order Details
      Performance and stability improved

      VM setting file is now accessible directly from Help
      Tips of the Day have been added
      Remember password option is now accessible from Settings > Advanced
      The Total Size column has been added to Market Depth
      Order Confirmation redesign in MAT

      A tooltip on the numeric filters for the tables has been added
      Help redesign
      Filling in quantity when opening Click Trade or Order via context menu
      An error with the reopening Instrument Info now fixed
      The parameters names in the indicator settings within the Chart have been added
      Order Confirmation has been added. It can be switched on/off in the General tab of the Settings

      Help & About windows were consolidated
      ATM price calculation improved
      Global accounts summary context menu redesigned
      Layout issues fixed

      Volume-by-Price indicator can be displayed in the Mid chart mode
      Displaying average price has been improved on Chart
      Percentage scale has been improved when displaying multiple instruments on the Chart to allow better comparison
      Current Orders can show a significantly greater number of inactive orders in the Live mode
      Saving and restoring UI layout settings have been improved
      UI and performance have been improved

      Volume indicator was improved and became easier to use on the Chart. The indicator is now available in the Mid chart mode
      Chart toolbar layout improved
      Performance and stability improved

      Volume-by-Price indicator added to the Chart
      Performance and stability improved

      Another specific connection point added for Chinese users. To customize, visit Settings / Advanced tab
      Tab switching buttons added to a tab bar
      30 minutes time frame added to the Chart
      Performance and stability improved

      An info message added to the empty Chart
      Time & Sales got filters by trade time, price, size and side
      Localization improved

      Added an ability to replace or cancel orders, check order info, add TP/SL right to the orders on Chart or in Market Depth
      Account Binding icon hides automatically if there is only one account available
      UI and performance improved

      Find an instrument by its ISIN in the Instruments tree
      Check total NAV and summarized subaccounts positions in the Account Summary
      Open context menu for the Trade Blotter Account and Symbol columns
      Open multiple tabs by holding Shift and clicking the toolbar icon. It works for Chart, Click-Trade, Order, Market Depth, Option Board, Current Orders, Account Summary, Margin Report and Accounts Report tabs

      Chinese localization issues fixed
      Performance and stability issues fixed

      Quote Monitor, Basket Trader and MAT profiles can be stored on the server. Visit Settings / Advanced tab to synchronize them
      Chart features an average price and position for the instrument
      Chart drawings can be edited using the context menu

      TWAP and Iceberg chunk size validation added
      Excel plugin renewed
      Transactions export into .xls files added to Time & Sales
      Table column selector icon updated
      UI and performance improved

      The Option Board algorithm used to determine an option strike ATM price was updated
      Trailing Stop orders added to the Stop Loss dropdown menu
      Performance and stability issues fixed

      Percentage scale added to the Chart, allowing you to see relative changes of an instrument's quote on the Сhart
      TWAP and Iceberg order parameters added: minimum chunk size and minimum interval are now considered when validating an order

      Popup notifications about new updates are available
      Table columns control button redesigned to improve appearance
      Chinese localization issues fixed
      Performance and stability issues fixed

      Notification about an available update added to the Login screen
      Performance and stability issues fixed

      Release notes were enhanced
      Server certificate validation added to the connection
      Performance and stability issues fixed

      Release Notes coloured and formatted
      Table customization button redesigned
      Help dialog got an Open Logs Folder link
      Localization issues fixed
      Persistence, performance and stability issues fixed

      New order types added: TWAP, Iceberg and Trailing Stop
      Trade markers redesigned: to improve performance, if there are more than 20 trade markers on a single candle on the Chart then we will show them as the one aggregated trade
      Margin Utilization indicator redesigned
      A hotkey added: press Ctrl-M to hide/show floating windows headers
      Release Notes added to the updates

      Profit and Loss values coloured in Account Summary and Open Positions
      A hotkey added: press Ctrl+D to duplicate the selected drawing on the Chart
      The "Close Tab" icon redesigned to improve appearance
      Performance and stability issues fixed
  • 01:37
    Lilly lorel 6 1 3 259 5/5
  • 10:21
    Lilly lorel 6 4 4 371 5/5
    • Lilly lorel
      Lilly lorel Glad to see James picked the Rolex instead of the patek for this occasion. #Humbled
    • Lilly lorel
      Lilly lorel OptionSellers had 290 clients with a minimum investment of $US250,000. Bloomberg reported the firm’s estimated losses could exceed $US150 million, with many clients actually left owing money.
    • Lilly lorel
      Destiny savvy So surprise
    • Lilly lorel
      zora hasint OMG!!!
    Jacky pando 6 4 6 426 5/5
  • 37:08
    Addison rat 5 3 3 343 5/5
  • 10:27
    Jacky pando 4 3 2 373 5/5
  • 03:56
    Addison rat 4 1 2 363 5/5
  • 14:55
    John Paulson 4 3 3 351 4.5/5
  • 02:18
    Alexander watson 4 0 2 1021 4.5/5
    Alexander watson 4 0 2 783 5/5
  • 02:32
    Lilly lorel 4 3 2 293 5/5