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Which Details Should Be Paid Attention to When Choosing A Water Filters Manufacturer

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There are numerous introduction articles on how to choose Water Filters Manufacturer(KOKOELECTRIC). However, no matter how much you have read about the purchase of water filters, you do not know as much as those who have actually bought them or have already bought them.

1. First, check the professional certification of water purification equipment. This is the most basic one for water filters. Professional certification mainly refers to: domestic drinking water systems have passed the tests of China's national Ministry of health and received the certification issued by "China wading product certification", joint ventures in the United States and NSF, an authoritative third-party non-profit organization with U.S. import brands.

2. Be sure to use the pre-filter system when purchasing. The pre-filter system acts as a coarse filter to remove large particles of impurities and rust, protecting the subsequent filter elements and prolonging the service life of the system. Moreover, if a water filter does not have the original filter, then it cannot be regarded as a water filter. Water will only get dirtier and dirtier, worse than unfiltered water.

3. At present, there are harmful metal ions such as rust, residual chlorine, spore cyst, lead, etc. in water resources, so when purchasing, take a look at the product description and choose the products according to your own emphasis. After all, only what suits you is the best. For example, if there are children or infants in the home, besides choosing high-quality milk powder, the water used for washing milk powder is also especially important. At this time, it is best to choose a water filter that can remove harmful metal ions such as lead in the water.

4. Look at the flow rate and water treatment capacity of the product. If the flow rate is too small, it is not very convenient to use. Moreover, it is better for southern households not to use pure water machines, because no matter whether it uses electricity or not, the water output is very small.

5. Check how long the subsequent filter element will be used and whether it will be blocked. It is a good filter element that will be blocked. When the filter element is blocked, the outlet water will become smaller.

6. The water filter can only filter out harmful impurities so as to return the water to a natural pollution-free state. The water is pure. Drink plenty of water and the toxins in the body can naturally be discharged to reach the best health state. As for some salesmen who said that our water filter can resist cancer and aging, that is absolute nonsense and has no scientific basis at all.

7. Some other fake water filter manufacturers have designed their water filters into seven or even ten filter elements, which is purely speculation and misleading to consumers. Generally speaking, five filter elements are enough. The more filter elements, the better. A maximum of 5 filter elements is sufficient for water filters of truly large brand manufacturers. According to the local water quality, the specific requirements, demands, and consumption of users, there are corresponding products to meet the needs of consumers.

8. Finally, we must pay attention to the perfect after-sales service when purchasing water purification equipment.

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