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What Is The Way to Clean The Combine Chains

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How to clean the combine chains(GETECHAIN)? Hot soapy water, hand soap, a discarded toothbrush or a slightly harder brush can also be rinsed directly with water. The cleaning effect is not very good, and it needs to be dried after cleaning, otherwise, it will rust.

Chain cleaning agents are generally imported products, the cleaning effect is good, and the smooth effect is also very good. The professional car shop has sales, but the price is relatively expensive, Taobao is also available for sale, and the car owners with a better economic base can consider it.

Metal powder, find a large container, take a spoonful of boiled water, remove the combine chains and put it in the water and clean it with a hard brush.

Strengths: It is easy to clean the oil on the combine chains and generally does not clean the butter in the inner ring, it is not irritating, and it does not hurt the hand. This is the common skill of the mechanical masters to wash their hands, the security is very strong. Larger hardware stores can buy them.

Defect: Since the auxiliary is water, it is necessary to dry or dry after the chain cleaning. It takes a long time.

After each cleaning, scrubbing or solvent cleaning of the combine chains, it is important to add a smooth oil and ensure that the combine chains is boring before adding a smooth oil. First, the smooth oil is soaked in the joint of the chain bearing, and then it becomes sticky or boring. This makes it possible to smoothly combine the parts of the chain that are simply worn (two joints on both sides). A good smooth oil, just beginning to feel like water, is simply soaked, but it will become sticky or dull at some point, and it will last for a long time.

After applying a smooth oil, use a dry cloth to scrub the excess oil from the combine chains to prevent dirt and dust from adhering. Before reinstalling the combine chains, remember to clean the combine chains to each other to ensure that there are no dirt residues. After the combine chains cleaning, in the assembly trick to deduct money, it is also necessary to put some smooth oil on the shaft table.

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