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Table Mould Heat Treatment Problem

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Table Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) heat treatment is an important means to improve the hardness of steel. Usually, after the mold is opened, heat treatment is carried out and then refined, but the process is also risky. If improper treatment will cause cracks in steel and scrap, what is the cause of the abnormality of the table mould steel:

1) There is severe mold network carbide segregation.

2) There is machining or cold plastic stress in the table mould.

3) Table mould heat treatment is improper (heating or cooling too fast, improper selection of quenching cooling medium, cooling temperature is too low, cooling time is too long, etc.).

4) The shape of the mold is complicated, the thickness is not uniform, and there are sharp corners and fine threaded holes, so that the thermal stress and the tissue stress are still too large.

5) The plastic mold quenching process is overheated or overheated and the heating temperature is too high.

6) The mold is not tempered or the tempering time is insufficient after quenching.

7) The table mould is repaired by quenching and heating, and quenching is performed without intermediate annealing.

8) Table mould heat treatment, improper grinding process.

9) Heat treatment of the mold after EDM, high tensile stress and microcrack in the hardened layer.

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