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Selection of Manufacturers of Water Dispenser Tap & Faucet

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Some problems need to be paid attention to during the use of Water Dispenser Tap & Faucet(KOKOELECTRIC), so as to ensure safe water use. Products are produced by many manufacturers, and the models and raw materials used by each manufacturer may be different, so the prices are also different.  However, the performance of the products is also constantly improving now. In order to use them more safely and safely, you must read the relevant instructions before using them.

What measures should be taken to disinfect drinking fountains for the first time?  Before using the drinking fountain tap for the first time, the following steps should be strictly followed for flushing:

1. Turn on the water dispenser faucet and purification faucet and rinse for 15 minutes until the produced water is clear and free of foam.  Frequent switch of tap water faucet (3 seconds off and 10 seconds on) during flushing will make the water flow form pulsating impact, which will make the flushing effect better.

2. Turn off the blowdown faucet and turn on the purification faucet. The water can be used normally after 5 minutes.

Daily cleaning steps:
1. Regular flushing: In the process of taking water from the tap water faucet in daily use, the tap water dispenser is flushed. It is suggested to open the tap water faucet for flushing after taking purified water, so as to wash away the trapped pollutants in time and maintain the higher water flux of the tap water dispenser, thus prolonging the service life.

2. Backflushing to restore water yield: If the water yield of the water dispenser faucet is relatively small after backflushing, then backflushing of the water dispenser faucet can be considered.

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