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Reverse Osmosis Systems Supplier Determines The Cleaning Time of Ro Membrane

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Reverse osmosis membrane will be polluted after long-term use, and there are many types of reverse osmosis membrane pollution. Before cleaning, we must first determine the pollution type of reverse osmosis membrane before we can clean it correctly. So how to determine the pollution type of reverse osmosis membrane? The following Reverse Osmosis Systems Supplier(KOKOELECTRIC) will take you to understand, let's have a look.

1. Determination of Pollution Type of Reverse Osmosis Membrane

(1) The residues collected on SDI test membrane can be analyzed chemically to determine the type of pollutants, and then cleaned according to the type of pollutants.

(2) If chemical analysis cannot be carried out, pollutants can be classified according to the color and density of residues on the test membrane and SDI test data.

(3) If the pollution is obvious, the end cover of the pressure vessel can be opened and the accumulation of pollutants in the gap between the end cover and the reverse osmosis membrane element can be directly observed. Generally speaking, leakage of pre-treatment filter material, colloid pollution, organic pollution, and microbial pollution have a serious influence on the front end of the reverse osmosis system, while inorganic salt scaling is the most serious at the end of the reverse osmosis system. Directly observe Jike to basically determine the type of pollutants and determine the corresponding cleaning plan.

2. Determination of cleaning time for reverse osmosis membrane

(1) when the standardized pressure difference between the inlet water and the concentrated water rises by 15%;

(2) When the standardized water yield drops by 10%;

(3) when the normalized salt transmittance increases by 5%;

(4) When the pressure drop across different sections of a multi-stage reverse osmosis system increases significantly.

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