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Requirements of Agricultural Chain on Strength and Wear Resistance

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The agricultural chain(GETECHAIN) are usually used in harsh environments, so the requirements for strength and wear resistance are higher than those of ordinary chains, which brings higher requirements for chain materials. In recent years, the agricultural chain has been made of engineering plastics and has made great progress.

Using engineering plastics as chain parts for mining machinery can not only reduce self-weight, but also has the advantages of reducing friction, noise and no need of grease lubrication. At present, the strength of engineering plastics is still relatively low, so it can only be used to make chains for small conveyors and rollers on chain accessories for mining machinery that carry relatively light weight.

Sleeves and rollers of agricultural chains made of oil-containing powder metallurgy materials can also have antifriction and no lubrication effects, and the weight of powder metallurgy materials is lighter than that of steel, so they have also been greatly developed. Of course, agricultural chains with good performance under high temperature and corrosive conditions are also guaranteed by using special performance materials.

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