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Pay Attention to Several Aspects When Repairing Daily Necessities Mould

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In the Daily Necessities Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) repair, we must pay attention to some things, because the die-casting mould belongs to a special precision machine is very expensive, so no more failures can occur during the maintenance process.

When cleaning the mould metal and dirt, it appears with the daily necessities mould to send the final die-cast product, carefully check the problems in the daily necessities mould. The strain bar mould pressure release meat and the presence of small core bending or breaking, any movable core insertion Position, there is a change in the length of the push rod or the push rod, the existence of the edge position, the loosening of the fastening bolt, etc. According to the damage situation, it is determined to repair or replace, casting the mild strain impeller crack, the cavity collapse can be filled with the local welding repair, welding jobs.

It should be strictly operated according to the welding repair process, otherwise it will lose a lot of daily necessities. The mould life of the mould or mould parts is more serious. The damage of the arger forming part forming surface sinking crack impeller can be filled, and the local welding repair and welding work can be filled. Should be strictly in accordance with the welding repair process, otherwise it will lose a lot of daily necessities, moulds or mould parts above the mould life damage is more serious damage

For sliding parts, such as the core pulling mechanism guide rail should be thoroughly cleaned, carefully checked and repaired with high-temperature grease after lubrication assembly. If there is hydraulic core pulling, hydraulic parts and mould repair hydraulic parts maintenance should pay special attention to cleaning at the same time to prevent pollution. Otherwise, the pollution of the hydraulic system of the die-casting machine will be determined. When the mould fails or is damaged in the production process, the repair plan should be determined according to the specific conditions. If necessary, the above method can be used.

Complete the maintenance of the daily necessities mould, the parting surface of the moulding surface is rust-proof, and the mould is closed. According to the installation direction of the mould on the machine, the mould parts are placed on the mould.

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