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Method for Oiling Hollow Pin Chain

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1. Oil can only be applied to the hollow pin chain(GETECHAIN). Do not apply oil to other cars anywhere. Remember, the extremely wrong behavior of destroying cars is to inject oil into the flower drum and into the central axle. To paraphrase a fashionable saying, the above-mentioned practice is a human tragedy.

2. Don't spray it on the outer tire, don't spray it indiscriminately with wd40, use a rag to stop under the hollow pin chain, and oil the hollow pin chain.

3. Advanced oiling state: "dry fly wet chain".

What do you mean? Good oiling is not oily, but not oily. as long as there is oil between the movable joints of the chain hollow pin chain, other places should not have the appearance of oil exposed to the outside. the oil exposed to the outside is easy to stick to ash and sand. remember, it is better to oil it and wipe it with a cloth. this is all right.

4. WD40 is a kind of light mineral oil, which can only be used for low-load lubrication. It is very suitable for cleaning hollow pin chains. If no chain oil is applied after cleaning, WD40 will soon have dry and unsmooth hollow pin chains. Moreover, the oil film strength is insufficient and wear will be faster.

5. Some new drivers like to use it, but professional books often specifically mention that it is not suitable for bicycle hollow pin chains. This oil is not suitable for high-speed operation, and it is easy to get dust, wear the hollow pin chains and throw them out.

6. Oil and other mechanical oils, this type of oil have too good fluidity (good lubricity), but it is also easy to be thrown everywhere, and it is easy to be stained with ash, so it is better not to use it.

7. Spray butter, which has insufficient permeability, cannot provide lubrication in the hollow pin chain rotating shaft and is too easy to be stained with dust.

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