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Launched MCT Sequential Two S210

MCT, also known as Contemporaine du Temps, is a brand we have extensively reported on Monochrome-Watches for the simple reason that their watches dominate. You know us, we like timepieces with different time displays, watches use different things to represent time, not just the handle on the central axis of the movement. Through MCT, we are obviously very satisfied with the time displayed by rotating the prism. For the 2016 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show, their second creation, Sequential Two, will receive new treatment. This is the new MCT Sequential Two S210 watch.MCT replica

The MCT two consecutively launched in 2014 and answered questions from some collectors. In fact, the brand's first watch, even a very well-designed watch, is a square watch that is something that collectors don't appreciate. The solution under the name MCT Sequential Two is to maintain the same DNA - both in design and in technology - with a new circular shape that is still impressive, but slightly less radical than the MCT Sequential One square. However, the second order is not just the same motion applied to the circular case. This watch also solves the main problem of the first watch (the readability of the minute track - see our article for more details and bring some everyday comfort through the automatic winding.

The 2016 version of the MCT Sequential Two is primarily a visual update that maintains the same movement. However, the dial - or at least the element that makes up the surface of the watch - has been completely redesigned, using the same theme as the MCT Sequential One S110 - the older Sequential Two still relies on earlier designs and also shares the S100 version early on. First of all, the background of the dial is now colored in anthracite or champagne, and the appearance is silky smooth. The cross-shaped structure in the middle of the dial (the brand's iconicity) is now more open, more architectural, more aggressive and sharper. Its structure relies on two steps, bringing a good depth and following the curvature of the sapphire crystal. Like the S110, this cross-shaped structure is fixed to the dial by four large screws, which have a black or blue coating (cooperating with the large minute hand).

The rest of the 2016 MCT Sequential Two S210 is consistent with the previous version. The case is made of grade 5 titanium (the red coating is dark grey and leaves the original pattern on the blue trim) and measures 46.4mm x 15.1mm. This is a fairly large watch (an unusual display hint), but it's surprisingly good, mainly due to the short, curved lugs (still using bold and impressive designs). This is also the case because the sapphire crystal layer is inserted in the middle of the case band, allowing light to enter the movement directly.Michele replica

The display of these 2016 MCT Sequential Two S210 watches is still the same as the previous version: 4 modules, consisting of 5 rotating prisms, each displaying 3 numbers (and then showing 12 hours together), a cross-shaped central bridge jumping every hour The structure once emphasizes the current time and a large central pointer (here through the normal 360 degrees of the dial) shows the minute - here we delve into more details about the display. Compared to the previous movement, this movement also adds a micro-rotor for comfortable self-winding (no extra height for the movement).

Anish Kapoor's MCT S110 Evo Vantablack (the darkest material in the universe after the black hole...)

What is color? Our perception of the light reflection on the surface. What is the black color perceived by the human eye? It is the opposite of color. Black is an achromatic color, literally a color without a hue. Black is a surface that only reflects or emits very low light and absorbs most of the visible light. What is the darkest, the purest form? It completely or completely absorbs light. True black doesn't exist (except in the black hole example), the blacks we describe are usually dark gray, dark blue, deep red, etc... In fact, no material can achieve pure black, however, blocking People try. The latest example comes from a friend of MCT Watches who collaborated with artist Anish Kapoor.

This version of the MCT S110 Evo is based on the superb and unique watch we have introduced many times before and is explained in detail here. Although its structure is very complicated, it looks very simple - in addition to being visually compelling, it is very easy to read. Summary: There are four sets of five prisms, located in the classic 12, 3, 6 and 9 hour positions, used to indicate 12 different hour numbers. The minute orbit of the three-quarter circle (270 degrees) at the center position is rotated/jumped 90 degrees at the end of each hour to display the next hour. As we said before, it's just one of the most impressive displays on the market (and knows the productivity and creativity of “independent” watchmakers, which is what to say). All of these are powered by internal movements, fully respectful of tradition, with high-end watch functions (hand-applied Geneva stripes, perlage, beveled and polished bridges, polished screw heads...).http://www.cheapsalewatch.com

MCT S110 Evo Vantablack's novelty is of course the collaboration with the artist Anish Kapoor (the first collaboration between the artist and MCT). Kapoor is a well-known figure in the art world and he recently got the news because of a controversial agreement with the British manufacturer NanoSystem (the creator of Vantablack), which gives him the right to use this "blackest" black. Paint pigments. Vantablack represents a true scientific revolution, consisting of carbon nanotubes, each of which is one millionth of a millimeter thick and absorbs 99.965% of light. As Kapoor explained, “After a black hole, it is the darkest material in the universe; a physical object that cannot be seen”. It is reported that it is also very difficult to make due to its density, which means that the NanoSystem can only make 2 square centimeters of bits at a time.

This ultra-black, almost imperceptible material is used on the rear dial of the MCT S110 Evo Vantablack, and at one end of the minute hand, shaped like a small moon. The movement seems to be suspended in midair, and the small moon appears and disappears like a magic during the rotation of the dial. The case is made of black DLC coated titanium.


MCT watches, the current and future of independent brands

Of course you know how much love we have here, independent watchmaking and non-traditional shows at the time. In this small but highly creative industry, a brand has always attracted our interest: MCT watches and their unique prism-based timepieces. Denis Giguet and Pierre Jacques, the founder and CEO of the brand, and the two men behind today's MCT watch, explain the details behind the operation of such manufacturing. They detailed the unique, super creative display and complex mechanism animations of each MCT Watch and shared some ideas for the future of the brand. "Monochrome Video Week" today takes you into unusual areas; the watchmaking underground.zenith replica watches review

MCT Dodekal One D110 with digital mechanical hour display

There is one thing to know about MCT watches... they don't do things like everyone else, and when it comes to time display, let's all agree with their watch, the big numbers shown on the rotating prism are just on the other side. Compared to traditional hands, this planet. Well, for the 2017 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show, Denis Giguet (founder of MCT) once again brought something unusual, a digital hour indicating the LCD screen of the old electronic device - but don't worry, it's not used here. Quartz movement. This is the MCT Dodekal One D110 and its cool hour display.

At first glance, the MCT Dodekal One D110 is fully compliant with the brand's previous creations. On the outside, we retrieved the large square case (reasonable 42 mm x 42 mm size) and the height-designed lugs, the open center section. The case is mainly titanium, but there are several versions to choose from. The first is a traditional all-titanium version with no coating. The second is to show a black DLC coating on the back and bezel, while the middle insert also includes the lugs, made of 18k rose gold. Both come with a majority of the black dial, still with some colored decorations, reminiscent of the case material (silver and black versions of the gold on the titanium version). However, there are some novelties in the dial.

The main attraction of the MCT Dodekal One D110 is its display. Minutes, nothing is too complicated. A short red pointer slides over the dial in 60 minutes. However, don't imagine it is also a simple hand because it does not rotate on the central axis. In fact, it is driven by the wheels you can see on the lower left side of the dial, which can drive the peripheral wheels around the center. This is a central indicator. The concept of MCT Dodekal is actually a reinterpretation of the 1970s electronic watch, its basic LCD display (remember those black batons on the green screen). Therefore, proudly exposed in the middle is a large two-digit display hour (from 0 to 12), but driven by a sophisticated high-end clock mechanism.

This digital jump display is driven by a rotating plate, guided by a circular cam, and several white printed segments are rotated to allow the correct hour to appear. Compared to several other watches with this type of display, it seems to be a cleverly designed watch because the overall use is quite basic (in a way that uses less moving parts). Therefore, it will certainly remain reliable. Once again, the power of the MCT and the Dodekal One D110 is to create a sophisticated display that stays away from traditional hands while maintaining good time readability.

Powered by the MCT Dodekal One D110 and its digital display, this is a new movement MCT-D1, an automatic engine with a pure gold miniature rotor. It beats at 2.5 Hz, provides a 50-hour power reserve, and has no less than 62 rubies. Like the brand, this movement manually completes the angles of the Geneva stripes and bridges.Audemars Piguet replica

Practice with the MCT Dodekal One D110 and its unique mechanical digital display

The MCT Dodekal One D110 we introduced here is just one of the most impressive mechanical digital hour indicators on the market. MCT is the abbreviation of Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps, and the name actually explains everything. Launched in 2007, this “very modern” watch manufacturer does not make watches that require only 2 or 3 hands to indicate time. Their latest work, the Dodekal One we see today, has another way of showing time even in the field of watches (we like the monochrome here), which is absolutely rare. Today we will experience the Dodekal One D110 for yourself.

The hand turned around. For centuries, the circular motion of the hand has been widely used to indicate time; the semantic concept of how time is displayed is simulated. Not satisfied with this traditional instruction, MCT has developed several watches with unusual time displays, such as Sequential One and Sequential Two.

MCT is known for its different mindsets, but not just to make a difference. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand, Dodekal One is both aesthetically pleasing and technologically innovative, but the most important thing is that its digital time display is very clear. It is indeed one of the most convincing and impressive solutions for mechanically displaying digital hours.

When we first reported the release of MCT Dodekal One - before we had the opportunity to conduct an appropriate physical review - we received some videos showing requests for hourly changes. You ask for it, so we are delivering it.

The number of hours is displayed numerically in the center of the watch and provides space. On the mechanical side, the process is based on a complex cam and carriage system. The smooth hourly shift is affected by the translational motion of the segment in 2.5 seconds (according to the press release, but seems to be much faster). The minute is displayed because the flight hand is paired with the transparent disk. The minute index is arranged on a black round dial. At the corner, the bridge (non-functional) swings in a circular motion while providing a cool and technical tubular look.

Turn the watch over and you will see the beautiful architecture of the internal movement D1. Vibration 18,000 times / 2.5 Hz per hour. It has a 50-hour power reserve. The automatic winding is driven by a gold micro rotor. Time can only be set forward. The movement is decorated with Geneva stripes and beautiful chamfers. The balance bridge is open. Unlike Sequential One and Sequential Two, it is a perfectly balanced bridge. The balance spring free spring (with the end of the Breguet curve) and is equipped with adjustment screws.

The Dodekal One square cushion case is designed with a soft curve that contrasts with the powerful angle. It is made of grade 5 titanium or DLC titanium and rose gold. The sapphire crystal is soft and the short, tapered lugs are open.luxury replica watches for men

Technical specifications - MCT DODEKAL ONE D110
Case: 43mm x 43mm Titanium Grade 5 (or DLC Titanium and Rose Gold) Case - Curved sapphire crystal with AR coating on both sides - Sapphire case back with AR coating - 3 ATM / 30 Waterproof
Movement: Calibre MCT D1 with self-winding (micro-rotor) - 50h power reserve - 2.5 Hz. - 62 jewels - central digital hour indicator and minute indicator with flying hand
Strap: black alligator strap with folding clasp

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