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Judging Method of Hollow Pin Chain Quality

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How to distinguish the quality of hollow pin chain(GETECHAIN)? Generally, we mainly judge the chain from the appearance, precision and elongation of hollow pin chain.

Appearance inspection of hollow pin chain:

1. Whether the inner/outer chain piece is deformed, cracked or embroidered.

2. Whether the pin is deformed or rotated, embroidering.

3. Whether the roller is cracked, damaged or excessively worn.

4. Whether the joint is loose or deformed.

5. There is no abnormal sound or vibration during operation, and whether the hollow pin chain is in good lubrication condition.

The accuracy of chain length shall be measured according to the following requirements:

1. Clean the hollow pin chain before measurement.

2. Enclose the tested hollow pin chain on the two chain wheels. The upper and lower sides of the tested hollow pin chain should be supported.

3. The hollow pin chain before measurement shall stay for 1min under the condition of applying 1/3 of the minimum ultimate tensile load.

4. During measurement, the specified measurement load shall be applied to the hollow pin chain to tension the hollow pin chains on the upper and lower sides. The hollow pin chain shall ensure normal meshing with the sprocket.

5. Measure the center distance between the two sprockets.

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