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Introduction Of A New Type Of Larger Dome Optical Fiber Closure

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Internet and wireless technologies are significantly enhancing the interconnectivity of information. These technologies are exponentially growing globally, need to support the traffic generated by hundreds of millions of users, and billions of digital data are transmitted globally, through switches, long distances. Fiber, metro, and many other access technologies are implemented. The connection between the optical fiber and the optical fiber, and the connection between the optical fiber and the device are realized by the connector. As the information interconnection explosively grows, the density of the optical fiber connection also needs to be continuously improved, that is, to achieve more in a unit volume. Multiple fiber connections.

The internal structure of the existing dome fiber closure is unreasonable, and the internal space of the dome fiber closure is not properly utilized, resulting in a limited capacity of the dome fiber closure, which cannot meet the needs of large-capacity high-density fiber connection.

Constructing a dome fiber closure, comprising a base and a cylindrical casing disposed on the base, wherein the base is provided with a cable passage for the cable to enter and exit, the upper portion of the base is provided with a fixing bracket, and one side of the fixing bracket is fixedly connected The fixed panel bracket is rotatably connected to the movable panel bracket, and the fixed panel bracket is opposite to the movable panel bracket. The fixed panel bracket and the movable panel bracket are respectively provided with a plurality of fiber fusion splicing units.

The novel DOME Fiber Closure has the following beneficial effects: the inner structure of the dome fiber closure is reasonable, the capacity is large, and the capacity can be expanded at any time, and the movable panel bracket can be rotated relative to the base, and the operation is convenient.


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