In celebration in the MapleStory 2 Gold

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MapleStory is one of probably the most beloved online PC games coming from all time, adored by incredible numbers of fans throughout the world. We can’t wait to view how Pocket MapleStory helps you to build on and grow the legacy on the PC game. We are extremely proud to MapleStory 2 Gold become releasing this title on the world and should not wait to determine how the fans in the original—and new players alike—embrace Pocket MapleStory.In celebration in the game’s worldwide launch, Pocket MapleStory is holding two launch events allowing users to win prizes. First, the Guild Shot Event invites guilds with at the least 10 players to publish an in-game screenshot on Facebook to get a chance to win 2,000 in-game candy currency per member in the guild. Three guilds will win this prize.

Meanwhile, the Boss Master Event challenges players to defeat the action’s first boss monster and share their experience on Facebook to get a chance to win 3,000 in-game candy currency. Three players will win this prize.Pocket MapleStory is now open to download without cost on Google Play, which is coming soon to iOS. Prior to this worldwide release, the experience was downloaded in excess of seven million times in Asia.

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