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Tooth profile: The standard of conveyor chain(GETECHAIN) requires lower manufacturing accuracy of sprocket tooth profile (tooth profile shape and axial tooth profile) than that of precision roller chain or sleeve chain for transmission.

A number of teeth: according to the meshing condition of sprocket and chain, the number of sprocket teeth is divided into the actual number of teeth and an effective number of teeth. The processing of the corresponding sprocket is also divided into single cutting and double cutting. The adoption of the odd-numbered double-tooth sprocket is beneficial to prolonging the service life of the teeth and reducing the weight of the sprocket. The number of sprocket teeth specified in the chain transmission standard is the effective number of teeth, and the number of teeth ranges from 6 to 10.

Two points need to be explained: 1. When the pitch of the chain is multiplied, even if the diameters of the meshing rollers are the same, the sprocket cannot be used instead. 2. When double cutting teeth are used, the strength of sprocket teeth shall be checked.

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