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Fiber Optic Splice Closure Separating Ribbon Cable Details

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Fiber optic splice closure is a device for providing space to fuse fiber and to provide protection for spliced fiber splice points and fiber optic cables. It can protect the fiber optic connector, while providing fast and easy without re-entry. Seal with fiber connector tray. The fiber is fused and placed in the fiber optic connector tray for protection. The closure itself is then provided for further protection. Historically, the use of closed parts in fiber-optic networks is a large over-designed structure, its installation and re-entry costs are high and complex. They are usually installed and serviced by elite teams within the telephone company that are separated from the copper service personnel. As the fiber moves further, the division of duties and expertise becomes impractical and expensive.

The fiber optic splice closure is a device used to provide space for the spliced fiber. It also provides protection for fused fiber connectors and fiber optic cables. There are two types of closures: vertical and horizontal. A wide variety of fiber optic connector closure designs are designed for different applications such as antennas, ducted cables and buried. In general, they are usually used in outdoor environments, even underwater use.

The biggest challenge for any closed system is to easily separate several fibers from the large fiber number of ribbon cables and expose the rest without affecting any bending radius. The ribbon is the most difficult type of cable to be handled because it is so stiff and small that the twist may damage the external fibers.

With the development of fiber optic networks, the flexibility of the unit is another major requirement. Due to the large differences in the fiber architecture, it is necessary to equip the unit to handle some wiring to ensure a smooth transition when splicing and change are required. The number and diameter of the cables may be different in each installation, and the joint may be mechanical or fused to the fiber in a discrete or ribbon configuration. Closed design goals should be adapted to many options while maintaining the same basic components and installation practices.

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