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Fiber Optic Connector Has Strong Sealing Protection

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Fiber optic transmission of information is the main medium, so the first to deal with the structure and classification of optical fiber, optical fiber transmission principle and the relevant characteristics of optical fiber to understand.

The current communication optical fiber is made of quartz glass cross-section with a small double-cylinder with the core. Unpolluted and plastic sleeve called bare optical fiber, quartz glass because brittle texture, easy to break, in order to protect the optical fiber surface, to improve the tensile strength in order to practical, need to be bare in the outer coating twice to form optical fiber core . Coating the outer layer coated with a thin layer of coating, the coating material is silicone resin or polyurethane, coated coating the outer cover, most of the raw materials used nylon, polyethylene or polypropylene and other plastics.

Fiber optic splice closure is generally the main method of welding, this method is characterized by node loss, reflection loss, high reliability. The principle of fiber splicing should follow: the same number of cores, with the same color tube within the tube; different number of cores, the order of the first large number of core then re-welding small core number, a common fiber optic cable stranded, skeletal And the center tube cable three.

Fiber optic splice closure is a continuation of construction engineering, technical requirements of a complex process. The quality of its direct impact on the quality of transmission lines and life expectancy. Cable connection should not be in the rain, fog days and carried out. Temperatures below zero should be taken to raise the temperature measures to ensure that the fiber flexibility and the normal operation of welding equipment, as well as the normal operation of construction workers. Relevant staff in the operation, should set up tents or in a special follow-up car to prevent the impact of dust. Follow-up tools, materials to be kept clean, the operator should wear overalls, wearing a working cap during the operation.

For the cable splice case with more and more requirements and smaller capacity (below 96 cores), an additional bracket is used to fix the fiber splice case with the cable between the upper cover and the drawer. After the current access to the housing and cage drawer cable is completed, the installation of additional brackets. The relative position of the fiber optic splice closure on the additional bracket and the whole bracket can be adjusted according to the hole position of the additional bracket.

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