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Effects Of Several Points Of The Cable Continued Access II

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Green Telecom is a company specializing in the production of communication equipment, including Fiber Optic Splice Closure, Fiber Closure , Inline Closure, etc.

Optical cable connection is an important part of the construction of optical cable lines. The quality of optical cable connection directly affects the construction quality and affects the quality of optical communication. Improving the quality of optical cable connection is very important in line construction, so this article will address several issues that should be noted in the connection of optical cable.

1. Welding of optical fibers. The connection of the optical fiber is directly related to the quality and life of the project, and the key is the preparation of the fiber end face. The end face of the fiber is smooth, without burrs or defects. The fusion splicer can be well accepted and can make the joints that meet the engineering requirements. If the fiber end face is unqualified, the fusion splicer refuses to work, or the joint loss is large. Meet the engineering requirements. In the process of fabricating the fiber end face, first, when stripping the fiber coating layer, the wire stripper should be perpendicular to the fiber axis to ensure that the wire stripper does not scratch the fiber; when cutting the fiber, it must be operated in strict accordance with the regulations, using the end face cutting The knife should be cut to length, fast, and hard to ensure that the fiber is broken, not broken. When taking the fiber, make sure that the fiber does not touch any objects and avoid end face bumps. The end face that comes out is smooth and qualified. The fusion splicer is the key equipment for fiber fusion and is a highly sophisticated and expensive device. It must be operated in strict accordance with the regulations during use, otherwise it may cause significant losses. Special attention should be paid to the operation procedure of the fusion splicer. The length setting of the heat-shrinkable tube should be consistent with the requirements.
2. After the protective fiber of the residual fiber is welded, the heat-shrinkable tube protection of the optical fiber is required, and the residual fiber is also reserved.
Should pay attention to:
a) In the process of fiber-optic fiber, the bending radius of the disk fiber should not be too small, generally not less than 4mm. The bending radius is too small, which tends to cause excessive refractive loss and increased dispersion. After a long time, there may be fiber breakage.
b) When disc fiber, pay attention to the twisting direction of the fiber, generally it is inverted "8"" type. Be careful not to twist the fiber. After the disk is finished, put all the fibers into the baffle of the receiving plate to avoid damage to the fiber during packaging. .
3. Sealing of the connector box The sealing of the cable connector box is important in actual engineering. Because the surface of the fiber is easy to produce micro-cracks after the water is introduced into the joint box, the fiber will break for a long time, and the joint box is mostly buried in the ground, so the joint box must be sealed. The sealing of the joint box is mainly the sealing of the two parts between the optical cable and the joint box and the upper and lower covers of the joint box. When the cable and the joint box are sealed, the cable sheath of the seal should be polished first, and the vertical cable of the gauze is axially polished on the outer sheath so that the cable and the sealing tape are tightly combined and sealed better. . The seal between the upper and lower covers of the joint box is mainly to ensure that the sealing tape should be evenly prevented from being tightened in the sealing groove of the joint box without leaving a gap.

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