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Different Sounds Heard by The Water Filters Manufacturer

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The popularity of the water filter market is evident in 2014. However, even if the water filter market is hot, the penetration rate of water filters in China is still less than 4%; although many Water Filters Manufacturer(KOKOELECTRIC) often send water filter experts into the community to popularize the knowledge of water filtration and water pollution, but still did not attract too many people's attention, with little effect. In fact, many of the reasons come from the fact that many residents have not really suffered real harm, so they have never felt anything. Let's take everyone to listen to these voices and tell everyone what kind of harm they will bring to the body.

1. Drinking tap water has been used for many years and has been fine. There is no need to install a household water filter.

In fact, residents have to understand a problem: the river can swim a decade ago, and even drinking it directly is no problem. The river 20 years ago can fish, wash clothes, etc. Now the river, see the fish, you dare to river Washing vegetables and swimming? Ten years ago, tap water never contained heavy metals, and there was no smell. What is the current tap water? I believe many people are very clear, so we need to understand a reason. Heavy water pollution, water quality needs to be purified.

2. It is safe to boil water, and it doesn't matter if you have a household water filter.

The idea is that you don't know the alum, rust, residual chlorine, trihalomethanes, heavy metals and heat-resistant bacteria viruses in the tap water. Boiled and drunk, can only solve most of the bacterial problems, the water quality of drinking water will not be fundamentally improved. And drinking boiled water for a long time is not good for the body. It takes a long time to get stones or cause adverse reactions. Therefore, it is still unsafe to drink tap water after it has been boiled.

3. Household water filters are optional and are not required.

Although we now have bottled water, bottled water only solves the problem of drinking water. The household water filter solves the problem of water consumption for the whole family. From drinking water to kitchen water, even to laundry and bathing water, it is comprehensive. Purification. What's more, the problem of bottled water has emerged endlessly. Household water filters have become popular in foreign countries. However, when domestic water pollution becomes the biggest threat to human health, household water filters are not essential.

4. Some people think that the household water filter is a luxury item and it doesn't matter.

Household water filters are by no means a luxury item. The price of a household water filter can vary from person to person. It is said that the water filter is a luxury, mainly because people's awareness of clean water is not enough, they will feel that the household water filter is a luxury, it does not matter. The actual function of the household water filter, we can see, is not high-end goods, luxury goods. Buy a bag, a few pieces of clothing, and replace the electronics once in daily life. The household water filter is easy enough. You can choose not to use a water filter for the buyer, but health is your own, and any existence is based on health.

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