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Daily Necessities Mould Need to Be Effectively Maintained

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If the Daily Necessities Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is damaged due to lack of effective mould protection, we will give you the following suggestions:

1. When disassembling the daily necessities mould, avoid bruising and wetting, and move smoothly.

2. Spray hot mould, then spray a small amount of release agent

3. Daily necessities moulds should be thoroughly inspected and rust-proofed: carefully wipe the cavity, core, ejecting mechanism and moisture and debris in the line, and spray the mould with anti-rust agent and grease.

During the continuous operation of the daily necessities mould, mould maintenance is required due to wear of the parts, deterioration of the lubricant, leakage, compression of the plastic material, and other problems during the movement.

Daily necessities mould maintenance is generally divided into daily maintenance and professional maintenance.

The daily maintenance of daily necessities moulds generally includes the following aspects:

1. Regular rust removal (appearance, PL surface, cavity, core, etc.)

2. Regular relubrication (eject mechanism, line, etc.)

3. Regularly replace consumables (rods, bolts, etc.)

Other things to note

After the daily necessities are removed by professional maintenance personnel, the cavity and thimble are professionally tested and protected.

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