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Careful Maintenance of Water Filter Spare Parts in Winter

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Winter is coming and the temperature is dropping, so please remind all users to pay attention to the antifreeze maintenance of Water Filter Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) in winter. Especially in the northerly areas, frost often occurs. The maintenance of water filter spare parts is more important. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to burst, leak or block.

In order to guide consumers to correctly operate and maintain water filter spare parts in winter, the following water filter manufacturers will sort out the 5 major items of water filter use and maintenance in winter:

1. Matters needing attention in winter for water filter spare parts

As the temperature is too low, tap water pipes are prone to burst. If the tap water supply pipeline is frozen and cracked, please close the water inlet ball valve of the water filter during the water cut-off. After the water comes in, first open the tap water faucet to discharge the silt in the water supply pipeline, and then open the water inlet ball valve to allow the water filter to work, so as to prevent the filter core of the pure water machine or ultrafiltration machine from fouling in a short period of time due to the silt, rust and other impurities mixed in the construction process entering the water filter, thus reducing the water production flow.

2. Water filter spare parts are easy to appear in winter

The lower the water yield, the greater the drop in water flow rate with lower temperature. As the viscosity of water is affected by temperature, the water yield of RO reverse osmosis membrane will decrease. Usually, for every 1℃ drop in water temperature, the water yield of reverse osmosis membrane decreases by 3%. The water yield in winter is about 50% or more of that in summer, so there is no need to worry too much about machine damage. After the temperature rises, the water production will return to the normal level. In winter, the amount of waste water increases. As the amount of water produced decreases, the amount of waste water will increase accordingly and the ratio of waste water will increase. This is a normal phenomenon. After the temperature rises, the waste water will decrease and the water production flow will increase.

3. Anti-freezing measures for complete machine (installed outdoors)

If the water filter is installed outdoors, anti-freezing measures must be taken. If no anti-freezing measures are taken, the filter bottle, membrane shell, etc. may freeze and crack. The water filter must be stopped when the temperature is below 0 degrees. Installed indoors, the room temperature must not be lower than 0 degrees. As the volume of water expands during solidification, if it freezes, all pipelines, filter bottles, membrane shells, etc. of the water filter will burst directly, resulting in water leakage.

If you do not use the water filter for a long time or need to go out, you must close the water inlet ball valve and drain all the water in the pressure barrel. Check whether the appearance of the machine is normal before using it again. Only after confirming that it is normal can you switch on the water source power supply. The first barrel of water produced is also recommended to be drained.

4. Treatment method for water filter spare parts encountering ice

The whole water filter must be placed in a room with room temperature higher than 8℃ for natural thawing, and the water filter can continue to be started up and used after 36 hours. During this period, the machine water cannot be forced to open, otherwise the machine will be damaged. Check whether there is water leakage after starting the machine. If there is water leakage, please retighten the corresponding parts or contact the dealer.

5. Precautions before Installation of water filter spare parts in winter

Found that the unopened reverse osmosis membrane freezes, it can be placed together with the package in indoor cold water, soaked before use, such as mandatory use may cause damage to the RO membrane.

Warm Tip: If the water filter in your home is frozen, don't unfreeze it blindly. Many people are often unable to use the water filter because it freezes at night. In order to use their own heated water to defrost as soon as possible, when the filter element material of the water filter meets hot water quickly, it is likely to burst. The correct thawing method should be to prevent the water filter from thawing automatically at a temperature of about 8 degrees.

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